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200 Brentwood Drive

Piscataway NJ 08854

We specialize in collars, leads, rosettes and bowties, muzzles, flower garlands, and ID tag holders.
Custom Design Collars


We make custom leather collars to fit your dog's unique neck size. Our collars are made with soft glove leather, heavy nylon webbing, brass hardware and a blend of beautiful ribbons!

Specializing in Martingale (fixed or adjustable) collars and snap buckle collars.

Our Past Work
Custom Leads


We also make leads, any size in 16 colors. Our leads are made out of Beta, a Biothane like webbing, with brass fittings.

2017 Paul Croes

custom dog collars by lead the hounds
custom leads
red and blue dog collar
custom dog collar
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dog collar
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